Akhil & Avneet Kaur to release new song ‘Paagla’ on 26 June

Akhil & Avneet Kaur to release new song ‘Paagla’ on 26 June

Akhil and Avneet Kaur

Punjabi singer Akhil known for his romantic tracks is back with another song – ‘Paagla’. The song features actress, dancer and model Avneet Kaur and the poster for the same is out.

Akhil, a Pollywood singer, is set to win the hearts of fans again with this project. Akhil‘s previout hit romantic song – ‘Bachalo’ has already garnered more than 100 Million views on YouTube. Both Akhil and Avneet Kaur shared that this track ‘Paagla’ is very close to their hearts.

The song has lyrics penned down by Raj Fatehpur, composition by Sunny Vik and Navjit Buttar has directed the music video. The song releases on the YouTube Channel & under the label Desi Music Factory.

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