Jasmine Sandlas releases a new powerful song – ’36 Mere Vargiya’

Jasmine Sandlas releases a new powerful song – ’36 Mere Vargiya’

Jasmine Sandlas

The Punjabi pop sensation Jasmine Sandlas is back with a new song ‘36 Mere Vargiya’. The audio for the song released yesterday on her YouTube channel. The lyrics of the track are penned by Jasmine Sandlas herself, and music is produced by Raaginder. The song serves as a reminder to the women of how strong and powerful they are.

Talking about the song, Sandlas shared “This song is about red flags. If you notice them in your life, stand up for yourself. You are a beautiful creation of God and you deserve love and respect. You deserve to feel safe. I love you. It all happened how it was meant to happen. The past has already happened. Don’t suffer longer than necessary. Don’t let your pain go to waste. Cross the bridge to the new you. A great life is waiting for you on the other end. Have faith.”

Previously Jasmine dropped the track ‘Thug Life: Freedom Anthem for Youth’ which was loved by her audience and went to gain 1.3M views on her YouTube channel. The song was a part of her ‘The Great Punjabi Experiment’ which had 3 more lovely tracks.

The Indian-American singer-songwriter Jasmine Sandlas is an independent artist and a big inspiration for upcoming Independent Female artists. She has been one of the most popular Punjab music artists and has various hits to her name like Yaar Na Miley, Illegal Weapon, Raat Jashan Di, Botal Vargi, Sip Sip and many more.

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