Karan Aujla to drop first song ‘Chu Gon Do?’ from album “BacThaFucUp” on 8th July

Karan Aujla to drop first song ‘Chu Gon Do?’ from album “BacThaFucUp” on 8th July

Karan Aujla

Punjabi singer Karan Aujla is set to release first song from his debut album “BacThaFucUp”. The song titled ‘Chu Gon Do?’ releases tomorrow along with a music video. The album has in total 13 tracks, and the whole album drops with the second music video.

The album was originally titled “BacDaFucUp”, but was renamed since it coincidentally matched an American hiphop group Onyx’s debut album name.

The album has features by 5 artiists including Karan Aujla‘s long time collaborator Gurlez Akhtar. The songs have been written and composed by Karan Aujla himself, and has music by Tru Skool.

Karan Aujla shared the tracklist on his Instagram handle and wrote, “BACTHAFU*UP (official track list )
Bahaut pyar nal bnaya kalla kalla geet. Kise de khilaaf ya kise de comparison ch Ni likhya koi v gaana , Te Na hi kde likhda. I GOT MY OWN LEAGUE . Baki sab thode hath Te os malak de . SIT TIGHT CUZ ITS SHOW TIME . FIRST VIDEO JULY 8 ( koi v gaana ho skda) Will be dropping the Whole album with the second video”.

Karan Aujla has earlier dropped the Intro for the album, and it was loved by the fans.

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