KR$NA announces International Collab – ‘PlayGround’ with Hi-Rez and KXNG Crooked

KR$NA announces International Collab – ‘PlayGround’ with Hi-Rez and KXNG Crooked


Delhi rapper KR$NA has announced his next international collaboration with American rappers Hi-Rez and KXNG Crooked. The track’s titled ‘Playground’ and drops on 2nd July (Friday). The trailer for the music video is already out on Hi-Rez’s official YouTube channel. Hi-Rez said the track would be a Bar-Fest for hip hop listeners. KR$NA has shared that his verse would be a mix of Hindi and English.

This is the first time KXNG Crooked will be collaborating with an Indian artist. KXNG Crooked is an American Rapper who has worked on multiple songs with Eminem. The most recent one was ‘I Will’ from Eminem’s album “Music to be Murdered By” which also featured Royce Da 5’9. Eminem also dubbed him the most underrated rapper ever in May 2020 and one of his top rappers.

Hi-Rez is an american rapper known for his conscious meaningful lyrics. He has popular YouTube videos wherein he raps his order at McDonalds, BurgerKing and also raps as an Uber Driver. Other than that, he has released 5 mixtapes and 3 albums in the past decade and has been on numerous national tours.

KR$NA and Hi-Rez previously collaborated in January this year for the track ‘CrossRoads’ which also featured the hip hop legend Royce Da 5’9. The track was an audio and received immense love by the audience worldwide. Hi-Rez has previously reacted on various tracks of KR$NA, latest ones being the tracks from KR$NA‘s album “Still Here”.

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