MC STAN announces new track – ‘Broke is a Joke’, to release soon

MC STAN announces new track – ‘Broke is a Joke’, to release soon

MC STAN - Pune Rapper

Pune’s rapper-producer MC STAN on Friday announced a new song titled ‘Broke is a Joke’ which will release soon along with a music video. The previous 2 tracks released by MC STAN were audios and fans are really excited for a new music video. Nevertheless, both the tracks stayed in YouTube’s trending section for a long time.

Sharing the poster of the ‘Broke is a Joke’ track on Instagram, he wrote ” BROKE IZ A JOKE ( Official Video ) OUT SOON !!!” MC STAN had earlier shared a snippet from the track on his Instagram Live and it sounded like a Trap song.

MC STAN aka Altaf Tadavi is the hiphop icon of Pune hip hop. He grew around the neighborhood of Tadiwala Road. MC STAN was introduced to hip hop when he was twelve years young by his elder brother, which made him write his first song ‘Bhalti Public’ in Grade 7.

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