OpIndia spreads Fake news against rapper Muhfaad, misleading Hindus

OpIndia spreads Fake news against rapper Muhfaad, misleading Hindus

OpIndia spreading hate against rapper Muhfaad

Notorious Fake news agency, OpIndia is now spreading hate against Desi Hip-Hop rapper Muhfaad. The page falsely claimed that the rapper was disrespecting Hindu Lord Krishna in over an year old tracks. The songs were instead Diss towards another Delhi rapper KR$NA and the lines were metaphorically insulting him. The page reported the news out of context, which led to hate campaigns against Muhfaad and social media platforms. The artist has started receiving death threats over these fake rumours.

Metaphors and references are found in every hip hop track, and make the songs complex to understand. Infact, this is the beauty of hiphop. Even an average hiphop listener finds it difficult to break down a hiphop track accurately. Rohan Cariappa, a Youtuber, has posted a video explaining the track(breaking down) to hiphop listeners and clearly describes the lines which have been called Hinduphobic.

According to Wikipedia,
“OpIndia is an Indian right-wing news portal founded in 2014 by Rahul Raj and Kumar Kamal. The website has published fake news and anti-Muslim commentary on multiple occasions, including a 2020 incident in which it falsely claimed that a Hindu boy was sacrificed in a Bihar mosque. OpIndia is dedicated to criticism of what it considers ‘liberal media’, and to support of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Hindutva ideology.”

Read more about the history of fake news spread by OpIndia on its Wikipedia page.

Shockingly the page has a blue tick on Twitter which is clearly unjustified for a fake news page. OpIndia spreads fake rumours and claims without taking any responsibility. It does this in the guise of journalism. Often, to escape accountability for what it publishes, OpIndia adds a caveat that it cannot vouch for the authenticity of the post.

OpIndia realises the consequences its post can have but intentionally decided to move forward. The rapper has been receiving death threats ever since the post published and a whole lot of hateful comments.

The claims made by OpIndia are no where near the actual truth. It is advised that non-hiphop listeners get some knowledge about hip-hop before listening to its songs and hating this beautiful genre and such talented artists.

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