Ritviz announces 2 collab albums with Nucleya and Seedhe Maut

Ritviz announces 2 collab albums with Nucleya and Seedhe Maut

Ritviz - EDM star

Indian EDM star Ritviz announced that he has 21 songs coming out in next 21 weeks as part of 2 collaborative albums, with Nucleya and Seedhe Maut each. The songs would release between August to December each week.

Talking about the albums, Ritviz says, “It feels so great to say, we didn’t leave anything out! Both these albums have been such a natural process, and we’ve all beautifully gravitated towards every song that we’ve written together. It’s almost as if we had to stop ourselves and say, ‘We need to either stop or just start a second album right here!’”

Adding to it, he shared, “For someone used to releasing one or two songs a year, this is quite ambitious and probably even a death trap, but I just have such a good feeling about this! The idea of dropping 21 songs in 21 weeks just makes my mind explode and I can’t wait to start dropping the music”.

The songs would be the first official collab between Nucleya and Ritviz, and the fans are too excited for the collaboration of the best EDM producers in India. Ritviz has earlier worked with Seedhe Maut, Delhi hip-hop duo, for hit tracks ‘Chalo Chalein’ and ‘Roshni’.

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