Zaeden drops short Documentary ahead of his album – “Genesis 1:1”

Zaeden drops short Documentary ahead of his album – “Genesis 1:1”

DJ Zaeden

Indie Pop artist Zaeden has dropped a short documentary of 6:49 min duration. The documentary is titled – “Genesis 1:1 – it all starts here, from here on”, wherein Zaeden discusses about music, life and the new album. Zaeden is set to drop the new album “Genesis 1:1” tomorrow – 2nd July (Friday). The album has in total 11 tracks and fans are really excited for the same.

The documentary has been directed by Sathak Cheema. In the documentary, Zaeden shares that he started with Tabla in school in class 7th and then went on to play piano and guitar. He then grew up to become a DJ, and was supported by DJ Hardwell. He was later doing a lot of shows in both India and abroad. Slowly, he transitioned from being a DJ to a singer-songwriter which helped him express better through his music.

The album ‘Genesis 1:1’ drops tomorrow along with the tracks – ‘Yaadein’, ‘Jaaye Na Tu’ and ‘1000 pieces’.

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